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Stories | 24 Hours In Glasgow

24 Hours In Glasgow

Stina Tweeddale, guitarist and frontwoman from the Glasgow-based band Honeyblood, shows us around in her neighbourhood in Glasgow’s West End area of Finnieston.

Glasgow may be a bit of a rough gem, but it often gets an unfairly bad reputation. It’s so creative and so many amazing bands come from this city including Camera Obscura, Belle and Sebastian, Franz Ferdinand, Mogwai and Primal Scream, to name a few.

Finnieston is my favourite part of Glasgow. It’s great to see the changes that the area has been through, as it used to be very empty and run down with lots of boarded-up shops, but recently there have been these amazing businesses, restaurants and bars that have opened up. I love coming back and walking down Argyle Street: it makes me feel at home.

There are so many options when it comes to eating breakfast in Glasgow, but my first port of call is The Finnieston. This place does really hearty breakfasts, and the salmon and eggs is fantastic!

After breakfast I’ll usually head to the library. I spent a lot of time at The Mitchell Library when I was studying, as it’s got the majority of the records in Glasgow that you can look through.

I also love visiting Kelvingrove Art Gallery. It’s an amazing, intense building where there are loads of different styles of art, with historical and contemporary pieces along with lots of interesting exhibitions.

Piece is an awesome sandwich shop where I often go for lunch. It’s got loads of different fillings and bread that you wouldn’t get anywhere else – it’s certainly not run of the mill. The guys that work there are just totally amazing, and any time you go in they’re so happy and smiley.

It’s a very rare occasion, but when the sun comes out in Glasgow I like to visit Kelvingrove Park. Everyone’s got their picnic rugs out and a cheeky bottle of beer, and they’ll just sit there and have a good time.

In the afternoon I always head to The 78. It’s a definite chilled hangout, where they have a whole range of amazing vegan food using local produce, plus a lot of local and craft beers.

Broadcast on Sauchiehall Street is one of my favourite venues in Glasgow and I’ve played there many times. There are definitely two sides to the venue: it has the side where you can come and relax and have a pizza or a burger, or you can go downstairs and just rock out and jump about.

If I want to grab a drink in the evening I’ll always head to Nice N Sleazy. It’s the classic place to go because it’s been there for so long now.

If I want to go to a club I tend to visit The Berkeley Suite, which is a little bit out the way and a bit different. The outside looks like a pawn shop – it doesn’t even advertise that it’s a club, which is really funny as loads of people walk past it. It’s got a speakeasy vibe inside it and has a very vintage feel, and they always make really good bookings including people like Andrew Weatherall and Horse Meat Disco.