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Stories | 7 Reasons Why Awesome Christmas

#7Reasons Why: Awesome Christmas

Christmas is Awesome!

Every year, a rather elderly man in a red suit tours the world bringing joy to children (- not the ones who had been naughty, though). We love Christmas, it comes around every year, yet it never gets old. Whether you’re 5 or 55, there’s just something about Christmas that makes it so magical.

#1 Christmas Decorations

Whether it’s the overly-excited neighbour, spectacular department store window displays, or a huge Christmas tree illuminating the middle of a crowded area, the festive and sparkly lights could definitely turn anybody’s mood around and enchant them with the holiday spirit!

#2 Spreading Joy Like it’s Confetti

Sometimes wishing somebody a ‘Merry Christmas’ isn’t really required... students are already ecstatic about their long winter breaks, family and friends are reuniting, creating new memories and reminiscing about old ones. And for those of us stuck in the office, shout out to our awesome colleagues who bring in home-baked goods.

#3 Awesome Attire

Not to say you should whip out your best soirée outfit, but during Christmas time there’s no shame in dressing however you want to express yourself- and all is forgiven! Santa’s little helper? Candy cane inspired t-shirts? Or for those of us looking for a more classic snowy-weather, no-frills look, chill jogging pants and warm jumpers anyone?


When it comes to Christmas dinner, and Christmas foods, the choices are far from limited; Christmas roasts, Christmas cakes, gingerbread cookies, candy canes…. the Christmas feast menu can go on and on! No one denies falling into a food coma after Christmas dinner, but hey, one of our new year’s resolutions is to start hitting the gym, right?

#5 Drinks that Keep You Warm

Another awesome thing about Christmas is that no one is judging you on how you intend to keep yourself warm. All throughout Christmas, you can beat the cold weather by just grabbing a nice cup of hot chocolate, Irish-ing up your coffee, spiking your punch or just straight up pouring yourself a glass of mulled wine, mulled beer, or eggnog.

#6 Partying Your Way into the New Year

Starting with nights out on Christmas markets, office Christmas parties, Christmas eve holidays, Christmas eve, Christmas day, and any subsequent day up until the new year, there is definitely no shortage of festivities to attend during this awesome time of the year!

#7 Everything Christmas

Finally, there are a few things that mainly only happen around Christmas time, or are generally best kept for that magical season: ice skating rinks, Christmas songs on repeat literally everywhere (check out our favourites), Christmas movies marathons, and last but not least, no Christmas is complete without a kiss under the mistletoe!