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Stories | #7ReasonsWhy: 2018

The new year is just around the corner and there are plenty of reasons why you should be excited for 2018! Whether it’s what already awaits you this year or what you can do to make it awesome yourself, here are #7Things to get you going!

#1 Explore!

Explore! 2018 may be just the year to go somewhere you’ve never been before. No clue where to go? We’ve got the hottest travel destinations ready for you, and trust us: Instagrammers will rush to these places in the coming months, so do it first! Try out the charming island of Grenada, also called Spice Island, with its first-place flora, breath-taking beaches and surprising history. Or how about the lush Walla Walla Valley with its superb wineries? Located in the state of Washington, it is perfect as a relaxing add-on to a US city trip. Still under the radar are the beautiful medieval towns of Montenegro, offering delicious Mediterranean food and perfect weather. Heading further east? Try out the yet rather neglected neighbour of Vietnam and Thailand, Laos, the land of elephants or Jordan for an exquisite glimpse into ancient history and stunning scenery!

#2 Exercise!

The Christmas holidays were mostly a series of hearty and delicious meals with your loved ones? Time to get off the couch and maybe get into a new sport or simply go for a run every now and then. Picking out a workout buddy is a perfect way to stay motivated!

#3 Popcorn Time!

 Ok, so we still have to wait until 2019 for the return of Game of Thrones, but we will get some of our favourites back , like Black Mirror, 13 Reasons Why, House of Cards (probably without Francis Underwood) and the OA!

#4 New Year, New Outfit!

Now is the time to get yourself a damn cool new outfit! Don’t be shy and have some fun trying out new styles and new colourways. You’ll see how refreshing it is to try something new!

#5 Make it your festival year!

2018 offers plenty of exciting musical highlights! Here are some of our favourites throughout Europe: Primavera Sound in Porto, Sónar in Barcelona, Roskilde near Copenhagen, Melt! In Ferropolis, Garbicz in Poland and Glastonbury in the UK! Choose your favourite and dance through the summer! 

#6 Parlez-vous francais?

Since one of your New Year’s resolutions will be to go traveling, maybe you could consider learning a new language? Or you could get into another fun hobby. Have you ever participated in a game of Escape Room? Ever considered home brewing? Or you really love those beautiful calligraphies on Pinterest? Maybe try hand lettering. 2018 is the time to start new habits and a new hobby can lead the way! 

#7 Do it!

In 2018 the Chinese Earth Dog Year begins and its characteristic word is ACTION! What does this mean? Do it! You’ve been having this pretty amazing idea for a while now or have a notepad full of great things that pop into your head? But you’re too shy to share or actually go ahead with them? 2018 maybe just the right time for you to just do it!