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Stories | #7ReasonsWhy: Autumn

#7ReasonsWhy: Autumn

You're feeling a little sad that summer is over? But the colder seasons can be awesome, too! Having doubts? Here is why Autumn should be your new favourite season!

1. The Colours

Don't you just love how suddenly the leaves turn yellow and red and turn the city into a mare of colours? Makes you want to wander around on a sunny day and take in all the brightness before winter officially hits us.

2. Baby, it's cold outside!

When the temperatures start to drop, we get all cosy and comfortable. Your favourite lounge wear and some hot tea are essential to your perfect autumn experience. Tug in!

3. Netflix & Chill!

Autumn is the perfect time to pick your new binge-watching series. How handy that so many great movies and series are coming out these months. Bye-bye social life, hello sofa life and popcorn!

4. Ready for boarding

Autumn travels are the new summer holidays. Once the crowds disappeared and the flights got cheaper, a new city trip should be on your list! Strolling through the streets of Paris, exploring the rich cuisine of Barcelona or discovering Danish charm in Copenhagen, what's your pick?

5. The Light

Autumn makes it all sparkly, shiny, and gold! Time to enjoy your favourite location in a spectacular light! Where's your secret spot?

6. Enjoy the Outdoors

Cold days call for hot drinks! And Autumn is your last chance to grab a hot beverage and sit outside on a mild but sunny afternoon, before winter keeps us inside.

7.The Outfits!

With the temperate weather during Autumn, your wardrobe options increase by about two million percent! Think about it, there are just so many ways you can dress, for sunny, mild, windy, rainy or foggy days!