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Stories | #7ReseaonsWhy: Pink

#7ReasonsWhy: Pink

No colour tugs at the streetstyle heartstrings more than trendy pink at the moment! Wonder why? Here are #7ReasonsWhy!

1. Pink puts you in a good mood!

With winter coming, a splash of colour instantly distracts from the grey! Pink is not only a highlight for the eyes, it also immediately brightens the mood!

2. Pink stands out

Unfortunately, only few people dare sport the statement colour. Seize your opportunity to turn into an eyecatcher right away.

3. Pink is great to combine

It does! Really! At first glance, this might seem a bit strange, but pink shades combine with virtually everything: Take it easy with blue, grey, white, or black; or create a kicking combo with yellow or orange!

4. Pink is so diverse!

Just think of antique rose, rosé-pink, fuchsia, or magenta. There is definitely a colour for everyone.

5. Pink can be worn by everyone!

The pink range of colours looks good on everyone, thanks to the multitude of shadings.

6. Pink turns you into a princess... a cool one!

Long gone are the days when only Barbie could wear pink. Today, pink is a colour statement for empowered women, which leads to reason 7.

7. Pink is powerful

Correct! You need to be bold to wear pink statement pieces. But... the outfit will immediately turn you into a #GIRLBOSS.

Is your wardrobe still missing your favourite pink shades? Here you go: