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Stories | Beach Packing List

Beach Packing List

Daydreaming about a long white beach, a rooftop pool or a wild river in the sunshine makes it a little easier to put up with the unpredictable April weather.

Prepare yourself for long days and neon nights with our beach pack list that includes all the essentials for beach babes and boys:


No one wants to look like a lobster, so sunscreen is the highest priority in our beach bag. Always chose a high SPF, it’s better to tan slowly than having to stay in the shade for the rest of holiday.

Beach Literature.

Provide your soul with something beautiful this summer and get lost in a dreamy summer book, such as the romantic novel The last letter from your lover written by Jojo Moyes.


First of all, we want to protect ourselves from the intense sunlight, second: we want to look good, of course! So a cool cap is a great beach accessory.

Bikini / Shorts.

Be bold and stand out on the beach in your colourful bikini / your new statement swimshorts.


´Beach´ is always related to ‘beach party’ – so be prepared and pack a cool summer dress for the evening! Leave your little black dress at home and replace it with something colorful, such as our sleeveless dress with aquarelle print.


No beach day without the right summer sound – check out our Bench Music beach playlist that gets you in the mood for the lightness of being.

Image 2 © by Tim Köck and Easywriters.