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Stories | Christmas Bucketlist

Close To Christmas: Christmas Bucketlist

Establish order in the Christmas chaos. No problem with our Christmas Bucketlist:

Invite your friends to a Christmas party.

Cooking is not your thing?! What about a winter barbecue? Lots of alcohol helps to stay warm from the inside. Santa hats cover the ears and set the Christmas mood. Kitsch Christmas music making everybody dance completes the perfect party.

Go sledging or ice-skating.

It’s not just for the kids you know! Grab your loved ones and drive to the mountains for a really cool, long sleigh ride. If you don´t have the time or the snow, just head to the ice rink, maybe there’s a disco one so you can turn night into day.

Watch Christmas movies.

Bored of classical Christmas movies? Watch The Nightmare Before Christmas and let Jack Skellington introduce you to the spooky side of Christmas.

Chop down your own Christmas tree.

The most beautiful Christmas tree decoration is probably the knowledge that the tree was felled by your own hands. With a bit of tinsel here and some glitter balls there you´re done.

Make a funny end of the year review.

Surprise your family with your personal highlights of the year. Create a short presentation or write a letter. Assisted by some pictures you can also use it as a self-made Christmas present.

Build a snow bar instead of a snowman.

While doing so start a huge snowball fight with your co-creators. Afterwards serve massive amounts of mulled wine or beer and chunk out on mince pies, ginger bread and cookies – it’s good winter insulation ;)

Go to a Christmas market.

It´s a must in the run up to Christmas. Try to explore at least one new Christmas market every year. Stroll round the market with a burnt punch and let the lights guide the way.

Bake some Christmas cookies.

First you have to find the perfect cookie cutters. Wouldn´t it be great to have a special one for each of your besties. Surprise them with homemade and personalized cookies.

Don´t put yourself under stress to get Christmas presents.

The motto has to be; start early and chill later. If you start buying gifts at the beginning of December, you don´t have to fight with everyone else on shopping Christmas Eve.

Search for the most beautiful decorated house in your city.

Take a ride or walk to find the most Christmassy house in town. It doesn´t have to be kitsch with tons of lights and decoration, just the house you find the prettiest.


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