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Stories | DIY: Wrapping

DIY: Wrapping

You’ve finally found all your Christmas presents but now you need to wrap them. We show you some quick and easy wrapping ideas that will give your presents an extra ‘wow factor’:

Design Your Paper.

Surprise your family and friends with self-designed wrapping paper. All you need is a potato, knife, packing paper, ribbon, stamp pad and sellotape. Use the potato as a stamp. Try to get a straight surface first. Then cut out whatever Christmassy shape you want – we picked a Christmas tree. Decorate the packing paper by stamping on it. Wait a few minutes until everything is dry. Wrap the gift, decorate it with a ribbon and voila, it’s done.

Use Nature.

If you’re a last minute wrapper, then wrap your present with usual shop bought Christmas wrapping paper. Go outside and grab a fir branch – or pinch it from the back of the Christmas tree. Fix it with a ribbon and you’re done - easiest wrapping method ever.

Save Money.

You already used up all your Christmas budget on presents and there is nothing left at all? No worries, just print out our self-made Christmas paper on A3 paper. Search for anything that looks like a ribbon and use it for decoration.

Surprise Kids.

If you want to impress your nieces and nephews with your creative wrapping skills as well as your present, use this wrapping option. We opted for a cute rabbit, but go for whatever works best for them. After wrapping the present as usual you need to cut out two ears and fix them on the top. Paint a friendly face to ensure that they’ll recognize the animal. It guaranties for a double-surprise for every kid.

To sweeten the wrapping time try out our mulled beer and listen to our Christmas playlist.