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Stories | Hating Valentine's Day

There are few holidays that conjure a collective groan like Valentine’s Day. The weeks leading up to February 14th are a time of competitive suffering between couples and singles. Here’s a list of rebuttals for all those V-Day haters!

#1 One day of love?

Love should not have a designated day. Little acts of love should be spread throughout the year, not one day. And anyway, chocolate out of a heart shaped box isn’t any better than regular chocolate. Just buy me chocolate all the time, duh!

#2 All the single ladies

If you don’t have a bae, you feel like sh**! Although Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a holiday only for lovers, it unfortunately is. For an entire day you get to watch everyone around you Instagram the hell out of their Valentine’s Day. So why don’t you plan to travel on that day and make the annoying lovers jealous of your awesome trip? Yay for the singles! Yay for freedom! Yay for awesomeness!

#3 The pressure

Even if you are in a relationship, Valentine’s Day makes you feel stressed to make something extravagant happen. The pressure doesn’t necessarily come from your loved ones, but from everyone else who asks about you plans for this special day *eyes start to roll*

#4 Treat yourself!

When would someone in their right mind spend a ton of money on flowers, dinners, or chocolate boxes? NEVER…except on Valentine’s Day. Save that money and get yourself a new outfit! This way everyone is benefiting, but mostly you, and that’s okay! Maybe you already got something special in mind?

#5 The struggle!

It’s hard to find a card that says “I like you, but I don’t love you yet, but Happy Valentine’s Day anyway”. If your relationship is still in an early stage V-Day might put you in few awkward situations.

#6 Why February 14?

If you decide to choose a day to celebrate your love, pick your anniversary. It’s the only romantic day worth remembering and the upside is that it is unique and you don’t have to share it with a bazillion other nauseating lovebirds.

#7 Bad romance.

Valentine’s Day is not the most romantic day of the year, but the day we gather for the communal ritual of examining each other’s love. Oh you didn’t get your whole apartment full of rose paddles? Oh you didn’t get invited to this super romantic restaurant everyone is gushing about? Oh you didn’t get an engagement ring? Valentine’s Day magically urges us to compare our relationships with others when it really doesn’t make any sense. You already know nobody is ever gonna love nobody like Kayne loves Kayne.

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