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Stories | #HowToStyle For A Night Out

#HowToStyle For A Night Out

We all love to party, the only problem is…what to wear?!

We all love to party, but there are some nights where we just can’t decide what to wear, or what look we want to go for. Even more of a problem is if we’re rushing around all day and there is no time to get changed.

María Pintado from the Spanish Fashion blog Dos Tacones Para Mi Armario is a real party girl, but also a workaholic . Who better to ask than Maria, #HowToStyle for a night out!

My daily life is not a routine, I can decide when my work day starts, but I never know when it will end. So sometimes I have to wear outfits that are perfect for my busy day, but can transcend into stylish party attire. I often carry my high heels in a bag and I change shoes when the night begins – that's when the lipstick goes on too!

I love to style myself casually for the evening, wearing denim and a special shirt like this. Backless tops are really amazing and great for the fashion events I attend. Also, adding a statement necklace can transform a business outfit.

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