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Stories | #HowToStyle Summer Colours

#HowToStyle: Summer Colours

It’s the time of the year when everything gets brighter, summer is just around the corner and it is finally time to dress in more colours. This season we see colours everywhere, pink, blue, green, mostly in pastel. For a stylish look we like to match these colours with neutrals, and let the colourful piece or pieces stand out.

Jacqueline wore a pink sweater which can actually be paired with more colours than you think, such as white, mint green, blue, pink and even red. But here she paired her sweater with grey shorts and a white shirt underneath for a more classic look, but the pink sweater can also be paired with denim shorts or jeans in blue or white for more casual occasions. 

Mint green looks good with denim, so Klemens wore his mint green hoodie  with a pair of jeans shorts, since the green is already so strong. He wore a white t-shirt underneath and let it stick out in the back for a more layered look.

We see shirts everywhere and specially in summer colours, so Jacqueline chose to wear her blue short sleeved shirt  together with a long flowy skirt, perfect for warm summer evenings in the city! This blue colour doesn’t only look good with grey but also with other neutral colours like white, black, navy, or why not go all in with pink?

Klemens wore purple shorts which looks the best with a white t-shirt or a white linen shirt for the evenings. This combination works with any of the summer coloured shorts.

Let the strong colours pop!