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Stories | Interview with Erik Scholz

Rising Star: 5 Questions To Erik Scholz

Describe your personal style…

My style is chic and kind of “back to the roots” as I like classy, traditional garments and accessories. I love classic shirts and blazers and like to wear a bow tie on a normal weekday. Besides this I´m combining new trendy pieces with vintage treasures.

What´s the most important essential in your wardrobe?

Well fitted black jeans and a light black coat are two must haves.

Did your parents ever give you any styling tips?

Neither my parents nor my grandparents ever gave me any fashion advise, so to be honest I´ve no idea where my passion for fashion and styling comes from.

The Bench #LoveMyHood campaign focuses on city neighbourhoods and the people that thrive in them. Where´s your ‘hood?

Berlin is my ‘hood even if I have just moved here – it just feels so much like home already.

What do you love most about your neighbourhood?

Berlin is full of independence and acceptance…I love this city.

What word describes your ‘hood best?


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