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Stories | Interview with Monica Ho

Rising Star: Interview with Monica Ho

Monica Ho, or Monica Harmony as she names herself on Instagram, is a famous Belgic fashion blogger. We met with Monica for a quick chat:

Describe your personal style…

I would describe my personal style as chaotic. Chaotic in the sense that I like mix- and match approach to patterns and volumes but also chaotic in the sense of that I don’t have one particular style. One day I’m preppy and the other day I’m edgy. It’s super important to feel comfortable in what you are wearing. Sometimes I notice a sneaky side glance from people, but as long I´m comfortable in it, I’m good.

What´s the most important essential in your wardrobe?

I like to play with volumes so weird sleeves or oversized items are really up my street.

Did your parents ever give you any styling tips?

Absolutely not. My parents are not the type of people who think about what they are wearing. It’s probably the age but my parents absolutely don’t care. Comfort is their way to go which I absolutely respect. Nothing beats a pair of joggings and sweaters on a day off. Any tip that my mum ever gave me was ‘buy less’.

The Bench #LoveMyHood campaign focuses on city neighbourhoods and the people that thrive in them. Where´s your ‘hood?

I live in a town close to Antwerp, Belgium. What I like about it is that I don’t notice the city vibe as much as I do in Antwerp. You have people who are obsessed with cities. I’m not, I need a sense of calmness to relax myself.

What do you love most about your neighbourhood?

It’s an intermediate between city and small town. Just the right balance between bustling and zen.

What word describes your ‘hood best?


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