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Stories | January Bucketlist

New Year Resolutions: January Bucket List

Every year we make new year’s resolutions to make the most of the year ahead. Take a few cues from our New Year Bucketlist:

Get organised.

All areas of your life probably need a little work right, but it’s best to ease yourself in gently by starting with holiday planning. Not only do you have something amazing to look forward to, you also have plenty of time to do your research to make sure you see all those great places that shouldn’t be missed.

Eat healthier food.

We all know that fries aren´t that healthy…even if they are made of potatoes. So try and stick to the healthiest forms of vegetables (most of the time). And of course we all know the rule: an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Exercise more.

Even taking the stairs instead of the elevator counts. It´s better than nothing.


De-clutter your home and put all your old stuff to a flea market. It´s a therapeutic way of making more money ready to spend on your new spring wardrobe!

Get more sleep.

Dancing the night away (every day) was so last year. Grant yourself some beauty sleep and leave the partying to the weekends. Especially after New Year’s Eve…a bit of sleep will help your body to refresh.

Get fresh air.

Our mum’s always told us to go outside and get some fresh air. And what mum says can´t be wrong. Extra Tip: Shopping trips and bar hopping means you have to be outside while changing locations.

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