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Stories | #LoveMyHood: Amsterdam

#LoveMyHood: One day in Amsterdam!

24 Hours in Amsterdam! Sporty Sophie will take you on a one-day adventure through Amsterdam and show you some fancy spots and highlights in the city of canals. Caution, after reading this, wanderlust will definitely hit you.


Today I want to take you through Amsterdam. We will stop by an amazing chocolate place where you can try as much chocolate as you want, drink coffee in a super small roastery and finish the day by discovering the Lebanese part of Amsterdam.

8.30AM Breakfast at Lavinia

This super cute breakfast place was recommended to us by Lynn and it was the bomb! When you go there try the golden milk! It`s the best! We had the banana pancakes and a variety of Lebanese salads. It’s super cute and not that crowded, and if you are looking for somewhere which has homemade cakes too - this is the right place for you!

11.30AM  Tony's Chocolonely

I am usually not the sweet tooth kind of person. I really like healthy sweets so if someone offers me a piece of chocolate I don't budge. But this one!!!! OMG this is so crazy good! Even I loved it. Naturally I needed to go to the HQ of Tony's and try all the different flavours. I think I ate about 150g of chocolate just trying the different chocolate bars. So have a break  here to try some chocolates, but make sure you save tummy space for the next stop.

1PM De Hallen

This is a must stop for all the foodies out there. A hall filled with amazing food trucks and endless food. From French pastry, to sushi, to burgers you can literally have anything you want!

2PM Lot sixty one coffee

This super cute coffee roastery is located about 5 minutes away from ‘de hallen’ so if you are planning on going there, make a pit stop at this coffee place. You won't regret it. You can watch the coffee being roasted and smell the amazing flavour. 

2.30PM Haarlemmerstraat

This street is paved with super cute little individual stores. We zig zaged through this street and went into every store and spent some money buying plates, chocolate and bibs and bobs. Take your time while walking through this area and enjoy the special flair and vibrant energy of this street.

7PM The Lebanese Sajeria

For dinner I would suggest going to this amazing Lebanese place called "The Lebanese Sajeria". It is a really small place in the heart of Amsterdam where you can dig into authentic Lebanese food. The food is prepared on a special dome griddle. It was interesting to see how the manoushe (wrap like thing) was made. Everything was super yummy. I couldn't decide which dish I preferred.

Don’t miss out on Sophie´s adventures again, follow her on Instagram and get inspired by her blog The Foodie and The Fit. For some more #LoveMyHood Stories check out Julia´s recommendations in Hamburg or Nikki´s 24 hours guide in Los Angeles.