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Stories | #LoveMyHood: L.A.

#LoveMyHood: 24hrs In LA

The city of angels. Hated by many, loved by more. Munich based blogger and globetrotter Nikki belongs to the latter group and shares his LA hotspots with us.

The city of angels. Hated by many, loved by more. For me, Los Angeles claims an elite place among the coolest and most beautiful cities I know. After arriving at LAX we head to the car rental station because without a car in L.A. you're almost as doomed as walking through the desert without any water. 

Coffee In Silverlake / 8AM.

It's safe to say that there are more than a few motels in the L.A. area – we chose the Dixie Hollywood Hotel because the location allows us to reach all our different day trip destinations easily. We knew we would be out all day anyway, so luxury accommodation wasn´t at the pinnacle of our priority list. And on top of that, the older and cheaper motels seem to carry even more of that iconic Hollywood charm. Maybe it’s because of their history. Unfortunately, at this point we have to discourage you from getting breakfast in one of these places, a coffee for take away paired with a morning bun might be the better choice in order to start your day the right way. Districts like Silverlake, which is neighbouring Hollywood, are up-and-coming and you can always find a real hipster barista shop here, such as Dinosaur Coffee.

Walt Disney, Universal & Co. / 9AM.

When you're there, you absolutely have to take a trip to Downtown. In fact, the imposing architecture of the Walt Disney Concert Hall alone is worth a visit and, as well as the installation at Lacma, which also serves as a great photo scene. If you have enough time to spare, the Universal Studios are a must! All the shows and attractions not only guarantee to give you a flashback to your childhood but you'll be laughing nonstop all the way through. If you don't have a whole day to spare though, don't bother doing it otherwise you'll feel the need to rush through it and ruin the experience. We’d opt for Santa Monica and Venice Beach instead. Santa Monica and shopping? A perfect match! 

Fast Food At Venice Beach / 12AM.

Venice Beach Baby! First priority; get a snack on the beach. It doesn’t matter what you crave, whether it’s Tacos, Hotdogs or Pizza - the promenade is a fast food paradise. Afterwards it's time to observe the scene that has been portrayed so many times in pop culture; music, film and art. White Men can't jump, Californication (series and song), you name it! In fact, you see everything you've seen on your screens before; from the stereotypical surfer boy and to the armada of steeled bodies at Muscle Beach. 

Tanning Time At Santa Monica Beach / 2PM.

Don't waste too much time wandering around the famous picture postcard sites, because the beach itself is so much nicer! No sunshades or trash in sight - just white sand and the deep blue Pacific Ocean. What an amazing sight to see and what a place to stay!

Griffith Observatory / 5PM.

Looking down from the Hollywood Hills you probably have the most spectacular and memorizing view on the city. Our advice; stop at a supermarket close by before heading up so you can sit and enjoy a picnic at the top. 

Walk Of Fame / 9PM.

Back at the motel we freshen up and change clothes, but don’t take too much time out to relax as next on our list is the Walk of Fame. I know, I know, this is the absolute essence of cliché L.A. tourism but hey - gotta do it when you're there! It not only symbolizes the history of Hollywood pop culture but it also has some magic to it and is definitely worth a visit. Our walk to the Kodak Center (today known as Dolby Theatre) presents us with many crazy and cool photo opportunities. Of course, hungry hikers can stop for a burger nearly everywhere along the way. After a while, we begin to feel the dragging fatigue as a result of our full-on, exciting day and are happy to head back to the motel. So one last beer by the pool and we’re off to the land of dreams. In the city of dreams.

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