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Stories | #LoveMyHood Las Vegas

#LoveMyHood: 24h In Las Vegas

Las Vegas is known as “the entertainment capital of the world” – not without good reason. The city in Nevada desert is the perfect place to have fun and outpace everyday life. We asked Munich based blogger and globetrotter Nikki for his Vegas hotspots.

New York New York Hotel & Casino / 8AM.

When I got up – a bit jetlagged and still sleepy – I went to the window of our hotel room at New York New York Hotel & Casin and stared at David Copperfields profile that´s decorating the MGM Grande on the other side of the street. When I really concentrated I could even hear the rollercoaster that goes through our hotel – unbelievable but nothing special for Vegas. Where else in the world can you see copies of the world-famous Eifel Tower or the skyline of New York.

Coco´s / 9AM.

Put on your sunglasses and start your day right – ideally at Coco´s, a breakfast diner where waitresses welcome us with a friendly “Hey sweetheart”. Las Vegas is less pompous here, instead rather relaxed and down to earth. Besides this Coco´s has great coffee, pancakes and eggs benedict for a very reasonable price.

Pool Time / 11AM.

High noon in Vegas – which means it´s incredibly hot. So instead of strolling through the neighbourhood we decide it´s time to check out our hotel pool where most of the gambler and party people hang out during the day.

Shopping Time / 3PM.

After some sunbathing (and a water polo match with some sporty Californian surfer boys) we head to The Grand Canal Shoppes, a massive shopping mall close to our hotel. I can´t get enough of Houdini's Magic Shop that´s home to all kind of magicians. The next surprise is just waiting at the shopping floor of Caesars Palace; an artificial sunset that reminds us of ancient Rome.

Cheesecake Factory / 6PM.

Cheesecake Factory is a typical American food chain that´s not only offering legendary cheesecake but also tasteful pasta dishes, burger and pizza. On busy days the waiting period might be up to four hours – but it´s definitely worth the wait…let the big feast begin! My plate was still half full when the fountain next to our table began to spit fire and water elves and Roman soldiers started their performance. What can I say, that´s Vegas…

Gamble Time / 8PM.

Hotel Bellagio is one of Las Vegas´s most luxurious hotels and hosts many Ocean´s Eleven scenes. The water show that takes place just outside the building is my favourite part and with its´ music and enormous fountains, it’s definitely a must-see, especially after sunset. Of course the gambling rooms are great too. If you have more time make sure you visit Downtown Vegas which is a bit more ‘old school’ and home to the old and traditional casinos, such as Golden Nugget and Binions. Gambling, food and drinks are less expensive here.

Party Time / 11PM.

Whether you´re up for a fancy pool party with Steve Aoki at the MGM Grand or Britney´s new show – Vegas offers everything for a guaranteed great night out. Viva Las Vegas!

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