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Stories | Ones2Watch: Braxton

Ones2Watch: Braxton

House & Techno Producer/DJ, Braxton received heavy support from DJ peers such as MistaJam, Pete Tong, Phil Taggart and Blonde for his bouncy track ‘Body’ last year, and is now gearing up to release his first EP’s on his new label. We caught up with Braxton in his hometown, Brighton, for a quick Q&A…


Hailing from Brighton, Braxton quickly caught the attention from BBC Radio 1 tastemakers Pete Tong, MistaJam and Danny Howard, along with international DJs for his debut release ’21 Days’. That, alongside past remixes for the likes of Kyla La Grange,Blonde, Chloe Black & Tourist - Braxton has caused a global stir. Not forgetting his 4-track EP on MTA Records with tracks including ‘Something About You’ & ’Stronger’ - a track that was described by BBC Radio 1XTRA’s Mistajam as “the best house record MTA have released since Ben Pearce - What I Might Do” - and unforgettable guest mixes for THUMP, Fabric live & Data Transmission.

Tell us about your musical background…

Did the usual thing of hopping around different genres as a kid, ended up discovering electronic music fairly young and never looked back, I was also in a hardcore metal band for a few years, that was excellent fun. Luckily my Dad spotted a music production course and I started down that route after school, then moved do to Brighton to study digital music and here we are :) 

How would you describe your music? 

It’s always a tough one to talk about your own music, in terms of genres I guess I tend to venture somewhere between house and techno depending on how I feel in the morning/evening. Journeys are pretty important to me though, especially in the 3am bangers. I feel like it has to tell some kind of story, rather than just being a straight up club tune. I think, personally, there needs to be some sort of context to the song, and if people discover that then great, if not then it makes no difference. 

The Bench #LoveMyHood campaign focuses on city neighbourhoods and the creative people that thrive in them. Where’s your local neighbourhood and what makes it so special?

Brighton is a pretty special little place to me, I moved down here from up north about 10 years ago and have no plans to leave any time soon. It’s the only place I’ve lived that has felt like ‘home’ in a weird way. It’s a really creative place and also incredibly diverse. You can kinda get away with anything in this town, the weirdest shit can happen and nobody bats an eyelid, its brilliant.

What’s your favourite local place, and why?

It’s a toss up between Bond Street coffee shop and Hove lawns in the summer. Brighton has some pretty decent coffee places but Bond Street is one of the best around. Hove lawns are an absolute vibe, there’s always loads of mental stuff going on down there in the summer, pretty dead this time of year tho :( 

Who´s your Ones2Watch?

Swim Mountain - He’s a good pal of mine and make the most amazing psychy, poppy summer vibes. Go check it out. 

What´s next for you?

I’m in the process of setting up a new label to release a whole bunch of music, I kinda want it to showcase releases from a lot of unheard artists that seem to crop up out of nowhere on a daily basis.  I’ve also got plans to release a couple of EP’s over the coming months. Both on my label, but more news on that soon(ish). Also got a couple of singles lined up for the summer so it looks like a busy few months ahead.

New tracks/albums

First release on my new label will be the Spaces EP coming very SOOOOON. It’s three peak-time clubby tracks that I’ve been playing loads since late last summer. I’m dying to get it out there. Also my track ‘Body’ has been getting a LOT of love since late last year, I’m getting something moving with that soon too :) 

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