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Stories | Summer Bucket List

Finally Summer: Summer Bucket List

Everyone’s dreaming of endless days in the sun, exotic fruits and long nights around the campfire. We all have our favourite summer activities, but there are few things that shouldn´t be missed this year.

Make A Campfire.

Classics never get old. Sitting around the open fire, telling stories and drinking wine or beer with your friends – we can’t get enough! Good to have a hoodie with you in case it gets chilly.

Make Your Own Ice Cream.

No reason to queue in front of the best ice cream parlor in the city – just make your own ice cream. Get inspired by our selection of recipes!

Visit An Open Air Cinema.

There is no better way to enjoy long warm summer nights than in an open air cinema.

Host A Picnic.

Instead of hosting a dinner party, invite your friends to your favourite park. Prepare some picnic snack, bring your picnic basket and wear your cutest summer dress summer dress!

Plant Flowers.

Add some colour to your hood! Nothing’s lovelier than a flowering garden. Buy some flower seeds and start your personal garden project. Results will be visible soon so you can enjoy summer in your own little paradise.  

Play In The Sprinkler.

When temperatures don’t stop growing there’s nothing more refreshing than playing tag with your friends under the ice cold water of a sprinkler.

Create Your Summer Playlist.

No matter if getting tanned in the sun or having a little beach party with your friends – you need the right sound to get into the perfect summer mood! Check out our Bench Muisc summer playlist to get in the mood.

Buy A Disposable Camera.

Turn back time to the good old days… just by taking a disposable camera to your next holiday! Everyone will be jealous of your super cool summer pics.

Have A Water Balloon Fight.

To cool down from hot midday heat, grab some balloons, some friends and some water – result: loads of fun and action. Reward yourself after the fight with a fresh, selfmade watermelon lemonade.

Go To A Festival.

No summer without a festival – great music, freaky people and fun all day (and night) long! Create your Coachella inspired style with one of our laid back crop tops!

Go For A Night Swim.

Why should one lay at a totally crowded lawn in the afternoon when you can have the lake for your own at night? Take your bestie and go for a night swim!