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Stories | Urban Yoga Event

Bench x Amiena: Urban Yoga Event

We invited yoga fans to our ashram / showroom to celebrate the launch of Amiena´s new book ‘Urban Yoga’ and our Spring/Summer ‘17 Activewear Collection.

Some of you might already know Munich based Yoga / Pilates / Barre Workout / Fascia trainer and Bench lover, Amiena Zylla, who recently launched her latest book Urban Yoga in Germany. It’s available from 8th August and some of the images used in the book were actually shot on our rooftop terrace. We love working with Amiena – so we decided to throw a book launch party and seized the opportunity to present our future Spring/Summer ‘17 Activewear collection to an audience of Yoga enthusiasts.

No Yoga event without a little Yoga session, right?! Instead of a normal Yoga lesson, we provided our guests with wireless SoundOff Experience headphones and did a Silent Yoga Flow – clearly a new experience for all attendees.

The event ended with some healthy homemade snacks that you can easily do on your own.

Wrap With Hummus

Blend a can of chick peas, season with salt, pepper, olive oil and lemon juice. Roll up wraps and coat with Hummus. Peel cucumber and carrot, slice into small sticks, place on Hummus, drape with fresh coriander. Roll wraps and cut in halves.

Energy Balls / Wrap with Peanut Butter and Banana

For the energy balls chop dates, mix them with peanut butter and grained almond. Portion small balls and roll through almonds.

Roll up wraps and coat with peanut butter. Peel banana and place it as a whole on wrap. Roll wrap and cut in slices. Place on plate and garnish with fruits.

Bread With Avocado

Slice whole grain bread. Cut Avocado in slices, drape Avocado on toasted bread, season with salt, pepper, chili and lemon juice.

Berry Joghurt

Put vanilla yoghurt in a jar, cover with crumble (or any crunchy muesli) and fresh berries.

Water Melon Sticks

Cut water melon in slices, cut eight pieces out of one slice and insert wooden sticks.