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Stories | #WhatToWear: Valentine´s Day

#WhatToWear: Valentine´s Day

With Valentine's Day just around the corner we often find ourselves discussing the sense and non-sense of this day.

Opinions clearly tend to be divided when it comes to February 14th –so we put together a collection of styles that will satisfy both parts, Valentine´s proponents and deniers!

Amelie from the German fashion blog Amazed clearly has her point: No matter if you love or hate Valentine´s Day, many of us follow its rules and rituals – defending our behavior by saying “It's just nice to surprise my loved ones” or “I just like fine dining.” After years of dating and relationships little has changed with my attitude towards Valentine´s Day: I don´t want any cheesy cards, flowers or dark chocolate with chili and raspberry flavor in sweet packaging.

Still, I do have my very own rituals and dress code for Valentine´s Day – or, how I like to call it, Anti-Valentine´s Day: it´s all about Me-time, so I only do things that I really love, like going out for brunch with my besties, crawling into bed afterwards, binge watching Netflix, listening to music and eating Pizza! Also, my styling on February 14th is very much focused on the things I like, so I pulled together some of my #WhatToWear suggestions (this is only how I like to style myself – if you feel like dressing up as if there was no tomorrow: go ahead!):

  1. Wear something that you find really comfortable – no matter if it´s the latest thing or so last season!
  2. Put on that pair of shoes that men don’t normally like – just because it´s your day!
  3. Wear that super expensive bag that no one really understands but got you looking so crazy in love!
  4. Don´t shower and don´t do your make up – show the world your true self!

For all Valentine´s proponents February 14th is all about spending time together with their sweethearts. So dress up, go to that super fancy restaurant and overwhelm your loved ones with love letters, red roses and heart shaped chocolate – or: simply tell them how important they are for you.

No matter what you´ll be wearing this year on (Anti-)Valentine´s Day, have a lovely February 14th, you little lovebirds!